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How It Works

How It Works |  Scenario

How It works

  1. The logo owner (or its agent) pays to host the company graphics and branding guidelines on this site. Their company account becomes a tool to distribute frequently-requested graphics and ads like an online ATM. (Agents are typically the advertising agency, graphic design, branding or public relations firm, who would seek the client's approval to set up an account.)

  2. Downloads are FREE to authorized users.

  3. Company Accounts The logo owner (or agent) signs up for a Company Account with the owner of this site whose information is available on the contact page.

  4. The site setup can be done by the account owner or any person authorized to do so in its membership page (or by the site owner). The graphics can be categorized by: Logos, Branding, Media & PR, Graphic elements and Collateral (marketing pieces, stock ads, templates). You can organize your files in customizable categories, set a level of security, authorize users, track downloads, and notify interested parties of modifications in your brand.

  5. Security of graphics. The logo owner has the option to set the level of security they feel is needed for each graphic from private to public. You can even request the user to disclose what they are using the file for. In the download log you can see who is using the files and why.

  6. Logo usage. You are offering all logos, trademarks, files and images as a convenience, and they are the property of their respective owners and cannot be used or modified in any way without the proper permission of their owner. Logo users are urged, to familiarize themselves with proper logo use, and to comply with graphics standards. No license is given to any file.

  7. Users find out about logo or graphic availability from the logo's owner (or agent), by personal contact. A link is recommended on the owners (and agent's) website directing them to the owner's "download page". Users could also discover a logo from search engines.


The hard way to distribute a logo for a brand manager, is to call the ad agency, designer, printer or whomever has the logo and ask them to email the file to whoever is asking for it. (The brand manager might not have the logo because the company is on Windows, the artist is on Macintosh, and the file is in some strange "EPS" format). The call results in an interruption to the person getting the assignment, occasional frustration with email, now and then a hefty charge to the client (whether they know it or not) or lost time to the logo holder. And if the brand manager has sent out CDs to distributors, it might be loaned to the sign guy, misplaced or outdated. Some companies put their logo on their site, but every change is an ordeal with the webmaster. Others build their own brand-holding webserver and hire more people to manage it. A bit expensive.

The end user who needs the logo, whether a publisher, vendor, artist or whomever; calls their contact, who calls someone who calls the marketing department who calls the brand manager. And if that doesn't work fast enough, they scan the logo from a business card or brochure, pull it off the website, buy it, guess at the type font and color and redraw it, and wind up with an expensive facsimile or poor reproduction. This takes hours and days (especially if anyone in the chain is unavailable). And guess who might pay for it in the end.

We are offering a plan where you control the content or empower others to help, and you can contact those who need to be notified when something important is added or changed in your brand. All this is available for the cost of a couple of calls to your agent who would rather do something more creative for you. Do your agent a favor and have them set up an account and co-manage it with you.

To read our purpose and a sales pitch to logo owners and agents, see the Benefits page.

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