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This online system was designed to automate the process of distributing company logos and graphics. So instead of the logo owner calling their ad agency or designer every time they need a graphic sent out (or mailing a CD), they can direct the request to a faster, less-expensive online solution. Brand integrity is similarly enhanced by providing original art and graphic standards, instead of compelling brand users to acquire the art from elsewhere and guessing at standards.

This system can also direct inquires to company contacts: i.e. the marketing or PR director, graphic artist, etc. The System also provides a way for parties interested in a particular company, to get notification when logos or graphics are changed. And a way for logo owners to notify those parties of changes when necessary. By making the authentic logo easier to get, distribution costs go down, people use it correctly, visibility goes up.


You use this system as your management tool to distribute logos and graphics like an online ATM. The logo owner (or its agent: ad agency, design or PR firm, etc.) pays for the hosting tool, and downloads are free. This allows you to distribute a company or organization brand (logos, photos, ads, etc.) in a cost-effective, secure, 24-hour self-service solution.

You load up your own "Download Page" with frequently-requested logos, graphics and stock ads, and free everyone for more productive tasks, while maintaining control over the delivery process. You can also empower other administrators to do the same, but you can lock files that you don't want deleted inadvertently. You set the security level of any file from private to public. In the download log you can see who is using the files and why.

This is a win-win answer for everyone involved. (Some companies have built their own sites to handle this, but this system gives you similar or better features for quite a bit less). The vendors and services who will appreciate it most are those sign shops, publishers, and graphic firms who must have your logo and images in very specific file formats, color codes, modes and resolutions that are usually difficult to track down.

Benefits & Features:

  • Internet-based access - 24-hour access (not 9am-5pm) - Security levels for files

  • Company Contact display - Multiple administrator editors - Lock/Unlock-file option

  • Customizable Categories - Notification of logo changes - Notify interested parties

The Benefit to Logo Owners

This online system will save you untold hours, frustration and dollars in the distribution of your graphics. Save those calls to your ad agency, designer, PR firm, or printer for projects that require new thinking. You'd be surprised what it's been costing you. Leave repetitive tasks to computers and the internet. This will also improve the quality of your brand by improving the reproduction and usage of your logo. Stop having others scan your logo from a business card, pull it off your website, redraw it, buy it, guess at the typefont and color, or wait for someone to email (or mail) it to them.

That doesn't work. This site enables you to organize your files in customizable categories, set a level of security, authorize users, track downloads, and notify interested parties of modifications in your brand. If you spend more than a couple of hundred dollars (or hours) a year doing this, get the praise (or cost savings), and get a Company Account account. Or do your designer a favor and have them set one up and co-manage it with you.

The logo owners who will benefit most are those with multiple branches, offices or franchises. Also those who manufacture and rely on dealers and retailers to sell their products. Or those who frequently sponsor events and organizations, or do cooperative advertising. Especially those with a myriad of employees who need access to the company graphics to effectively market their projects. Companies who buy advertising incentives (hats, shirts, pens, and gadgets), need signs, yellow page ads, website graphics, and pay for program or school ads that cost less than the artwork that goes in them. Not to mention companies with in-house art departments who are swamped with current assignments. And don't think about having your webmaster do this, remember those last requests.

The Benefit to Ad Agencies, Graphic Designers, etc.

This online system will save you untold hours, frustration and dollars in the distribution of your client's graphics. Stop trying to find a way to bill it (without upsetting the client). Stop doing it for nothing or next to nothing. Or if your retainer covers it, stop doing it the hard way. And stop those rush interuptions to hurry and do this "little favor". You'd be surprised what it's been costing you.

Instead, do yourself and your client a favor and set up a Company Account for each of them. Go from rushes and lost time to self-service distribution

The agents who'll benefit most are the advertising agencies and design firms who loose money every time they send out a graphic or offend a client with a big invoice. And the branding or public relations firms who do not have an art department. If you don't have a Client art-approval section on your website, or if your clients get errors with your email attachments, you can use this system to post the files for client access. And don't think that you're giving your client's logo to a competitor, you can set the security level and monitor downloads, and besides, they can get it the same way you got it.

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