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Hires Big H

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Graphic ArtistSam Morgan
MarketingMark Hale

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Logos Hires Big H Restaurant 6 Items, 23 Files
PR photos Hires Big H locations & founder 6 Items, 7 Files
Food photos Hires Big H food photos 8 Items, 8 Files
Advertising Stock ads & banners 9 Items, 10 Files
Collateral Menus & business cards 0 Items, 0 Files
Graphics Gotta Havva Big H - bug 6 Items, 18 Files
Branding Graphic Standards - PMS colors 1 Items, 1 Files
Cobblemoor Books Cobblemoor Lane Books - (with ® July 2006) 3 Items, 12 Files
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Logo-full color
Logo-color shadow shadow behind logo
Logo 2-color
Logo - blue Pantone(PMS) Blue 281
Cars at Hires Big H
Sepia Cars at Hires Big H
bw back cars Hires car-hop area, old cars
bw side bldg Hires- side shot with old cars
Don Hale founder, younger color
Don Hale 3 Don Hale, founder - recent b&w
Hires Big H Burger
BigH burgers
Big H Combo-photo
Kid's Meal
Fries, Rings, Garlic
Club & Ham sandwiches
London Fish&Fries
Rootbeer Mugs
Half-pg Ad_horiz 1/2 page Color (cmyk) ad "Come Hungry" (7.5 x 5 in.)
Half-pg b&w 1/2 page B&W ad "Come Hungry" (7.5 x 5 inches)
Qrtr-Vert Colo... 1/4 page Color (cmyk) ad "Come Hungry" (3.7 x 4.85 inches)
Qrtr-Vert b&w 1/4 page B&W ad "Come Hungry" (3.7 x 4.85 inches)
Qrtr-horiz color 1/4 page Color (cmyk) ad "Come Hungry" (5.5 x 4.25 inches)
Qrtr-horiz b/w 1/4 page Color (gray) ad "Come Hungry" (5.5 x 4.25 inches)
Biz card ad - ... Business card-size ad - cmyk color
Biz card ad - bw Business card-size ad - b&w
2-logo banner Hires & Litzas 2-logo banner - 4x8 feet
Gotta-Havva color full-color version
Gotta-shadow rotated -14°
Gotta Havva_sh... lighter shades version (screened back)
Gotta-Havva Blue Reflex Blue version 2010
Gotta Havva Big H_gray
Gotta Havva Big H_black
Hires Pantone colors
Cobblemoor logo - horizontal logo
Cobblemoor logo - Vertical logo
Cobblemoor book book logo only

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